Paternity Establishment Attorney, Hernando County, Florida


Paternity can be established through a court-ordered DNA test. Regardless of whether you are interested in establishing visitation rights or are seeking child support from the father of your child, Morris Law Group of Brooksville Florida will prepare and file your paperwork and represent your case in court. Where visitation is involved, Robert A Morris initiates the legal process required to gather DNA samples, verify paternity, and begin visitation proceedings.

Where child support is at issue, after DNA results are obtained our attorneys work through the court to establish a plan for collecting any child support in arrears. We can help you determine paternity and any legal obligations that follow as a result

Why Establishing Paternity is Important: Regardless of whether you would like to be a part of your child’s life or are interested in collecting child support for them, the following factors are also important to consider:

  • Medical Condition: If a father has a medical condition that can be inherited, it is important for the care of the child that he or she be informed.
  • Insurance: Once paternity is established, a child may be covered under his or her father’s employer’s medical plan.
  • Social Security and Benefits: In certain situations, a child may qualify for Social Security benefits in the event of their father’s disability or death. This may also apply in regard to veteran’s benefits as well.
  • Life Insurance Policies: A child may be eligible to receive payment on a life insurance policy held by their father.
  • Estate Planning and Probate: Established paternity may effect the settlement of the father’s estate and probate proceedings in the event a will is not in place.