Domestic Violence Injunction Attorney, Hernando County, Florida

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The attorneys of  Morris Law Group in Brooksville, Florida, take domestic violence issues seriously. There are injunctions prohibiting acts of domestic violence that are available to protect victims from further acts of domestic violence. Our firm supports a “Zero Tolerance”  goal of domestic violence.

Our lawyers also vigorously opposes the false allegations of domestic violence frequently used by some to gain tactical advantages in a divorce. The firm vigorously defends clients against false allegation of domestic violence.

The law offers protection for victims of acts of violence. Victims have the right to petition that an injunction be filed against the person inflicting the violence. An injunction orders a person to do specific things or to stop doing specific things. The Clerk’s Office is authorized by law to provide clerical assistance for preparing and filing a petition for an injunction.

After the paperwork has been completed, if it is determined by the Court that you are in danger of being victimized, the deputy clerk will prepare a temporary injunction order for signature by a judge. This order can be obtained on the same day you file your petition without a hearing before the judge. The temporary injunction is valid for up to 15 days.

Practicing law in Hernando county since 1991, Robert A. Morris isn’t afraid to enter the courtroom and fight for his clients. If you have questions regarding a domestic violence matter, contact Hernando based divorce attorney Robert A. Morris today. Representing clients  throughout the state of Florida, we offer in-office consultation.

There is no longer a filing fee for domestic violence cases; however, there may be a sheriff service fee if the respondent lives outside of the state of Florida. A petitioner should always check with the city and state where the respondent resides prior to coming into our office to file. They should come with a money order of personal check made payable in the amount and name that is provided to them.

If a victim is unable to pay these fees and signs an affidavit stating this, the fees can be waived until a later time. Lack of money should not keep a person who feels they are in danger from filing a petition.
Within the time period that the temporary injunction is in effect, a court hearing will be scheduled before the judge to determine if a permanent injunction should be entered against the person committing the acts of violence. A permanent injunction is good indefinitely, or until dissolved by the Court.