Traffic Ticket Attorney, Hernando County, Florida

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Robert A. Morris, Jr. is Licensed to Practice in Florida, Indiana & Federal Courts He is also a Former State Prosecutor Practicing in Hernando Since 1991. We defend traffic tickets, hit and run investigations, license suspension or revocation proceedings, and DWI & DUI,driving while license suspended, occupational driver’s licenses and other criminal cases. We also handle motorvehicle accident cases, at fault or not, injured or not, and other kinds of injury or death cases.
Morris Law Group Traffic Violation lawyers specialize in the field of traffic laws and violations of traffic laws. From minor parking meter citations to major speeding tickets and DUI cases, our traffic lawyers are dedicated to aggressive representation of your legal rights in court.

As Hernando county traffic ticket attorneys, with our offices located right in downtown Brooksville FL, we know most of the County and municipal traffic judges, prosecutors, and court personnel better than any lawyer who is not a regularly practicing Hernando County ticket lawyer. We also handle traffic ticket cases in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Ocala and in other courts throughout Florida.

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It is a Criminal Case!: Remember, a traffic ticket case is a criminal case, and you have important constitutional rights, guilty or not. As a Hernando County ticket lawyer, we are dedicated to aggressive representation of your legal rights in court. Knowledge of the applicable law, the procedures, quirks of the particular court, and relationships with court personnel, prosecutors, judges and peace officers help us get the results you need, almost always without a trial.
Important Information

Automatic admission of guilt: Most people throughout Florida don’t realize that if he or she pays their ticket, it’s an automatic admission and adjudication of guilt on their driving record. In addition, points will be assessed for all moving violations and an accumulation of these points can lead to a license suspension. Often, insurance companies use this information as a justification to raise your insurance rates.

In most traffic ticket cases, our defense attorneys advise prospective clients that they should not pay their traffic or speeding tickets before we asess the merits of their case. At Morris Law Group in Brooksville FL, we are dedicated to reaching a desirable outcome for your traffic ticket. Best of all, you are not required to make a court appearance.