DUI and DWI: Drunk Driving Defense Attorney, Hernando County, Florida


A drunk driving conviction in Florida is an incredibly serious matter. Even first-time offenders face jail time, driver’s license suspension and considerable fines. If you have been charged with drinking and driving, an experienced and skilled attorney can effectively protect your rights and your freedom.

Robert A. Morris, Jr. has been practicing law in Hernando County since 1991 when he started his career as an Assistant State Attorney for the Fifth Judicial Circuit . While working at the State Attorneys Office he prosecuted a variety of crimes including DUI’s, misdemeanors and felony offenses. Over the past 17+ years he has worked both with, and against the local court systems and County government for the benefit of his clients and has developed an intricate knowledge of the ins and outs of our system.

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Some of the most common drunk driving defenses include:

  • Violation of constitutional rights: Did the police have probable cause or reasonable, articulable suspicion to stop your car? Did the police unlawfully search your car or seize any containers? Under the 4th Amendment to the Constitution, you have a right to be free from illegal searches and seizures. Any evidence gained by violating this right is inadmissible.
  • Field sobriety tests: A field sobriety test is one of the most inaccurate measures of sobriety. Conditions such as medical ailments, poor lighting and fatigue can lead to false readings.
  • Harassment or forced confessions: Police brutality and controversial questioning techniques can lead to a false confession. They can also cause a person to consent to something against their better judgment. Using threats and coercion to secure a confession is grounds for suppression of evidence.
  • Failure to understand or enforce your rights: Did the arresting officer read your Miranda rights? Were you given the chance to contact a lawyer? Depending on the answers to these questions, your case may be dismissed.
  • Blood alcohol content: When was your blood alcohol content measured? Did the operator have the proper license and/or training? Failure to follow the guidelines may result in a false reading.

Our ultimate defense strategy depends upon the specifics of your case. We review police reports, interview officers and listen to your account to create a compelling defense. Rest assured, the lawyers of Morris Law Group are Dedicated to Aggressive Representation of Your Legal Rights.