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The attorneys of Morris Law Group in Brooksville, Florida are Dedicated to the vigorous defense of the constitutional rights of our clients while maintaining the highest standards of the legal profession.

It is the burden of the state to prove each and every element of the crime you have been charged with beyond and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt. An investigation of your arrest and a review of the evidence by an experienced criminal defense attorney may reveal defenses not immediately apparent.

Morris Law Group aggressively represents clients in regard to the following of criminal defense matters:

Driving DUI and DWI:
A drunk driving conviction in Florida is an incredibly serious matter. Even first-time offenders face jail time, driver’s license suspension and considerable fines.

Boating BUI and BWI:
Boating is a fun family or recreational activity, and many people do not realize the severity of BUI charges, and the dangerous legal situation you are facing if you are arrested and charged.

Driving Without License:
If you have been accused of driving without a license, it is important to understand the severity of the penalties you face. They can be harsh. With an experienced attorney on your side, you can fight the charges and protect your interests.

Drug Offenses:
Drug crime convictions can show up on a person’s criminal record and negatively impact their career, education, and housing opportunities. This is why it is very important to retain a skilled Florida drug crime attorney.

Domestic Violence:
Domestic violence is physical violence, threatened violence and abuse that occurs within the various types of relationships. Regardless of the charge, you need to hire an experienced domestic violence defense attorney immediately.

Restraining Orders:
When you suffer abuse or you have been accused of domestic violence, it is important to consult with an experienced domestic violence attorney who can protect your rights.

Theft and Fraud:
Whether fair or not, a conviction for theft or fraud creates an impression that you are dishonest and untrustworthy.

Violation of Probation:
When a defendant is placed on probation in Florida, he or she must abide by specific terms in order to avoid imprisonment and further penalties.

Assault and Battery:
A few harsh words can lead to a misunderstanding, and an altercation can lead to assault charges. Whether the alleged crime occurred in the home, workplace, or in a bar, there are a lot of factors to consider when gathering evidence in an assault case.

Weapon Offenses:
In an attempt to rid the streets of weapons and the types of crimes which are often associated with guns and other dangerous weapons, law enforcement and prosecutors aggressively seek to obtain weapons charge convictions.

Sex Crimes:
No one wants to live with the lifelong stigma of a sex crimes conviction. From jail time and the damage to your reputation, to having to register as a sex offender, there are serious potential consequences.

Bail and Bond Hearings:
The purpose of bail is to give an arrested person her freedom until she is convicted of a crime, and the amount of bail must be no more than is reasonably necessary to keep her from fleeing before a case is over.

Florida courts and law enforcement agencies take warrants seriously and will seek you out and arrest you if you do not appear for a mandatory court appearance, if you violate parole or if you fail to fulfill your court-ordered sentencing.

Hit and run:
The Police Department maintains a hit and run detail because many accidents involve drivers who for whatever reason leave the scene before a complete investigation occurs.

Traffic Tickets:
Morris Law Group Traffic Violation lawyers specialize in the field of traffic laws and violations of traffic laws. From minor parking meter citations to major speeding tickets and DUI cases, our traffic lawyers are dedicated to aggressive representation of your legal rights in court.

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Were you properly arrested? When you are stopped and arrested certain procedures must be followed. The police cannot stop you without a valid reason and they must have probable cause to arrest you. Searches of you and your property must follow specific guidelines.

Is the police report accurate? The police report is one person’s interpretation of events. It might contain omissions and biases. There may also be inconsistencies and prejudices in statements made by others. Statements you may have made to the police may have been unlawfully obtained

Know your legal rights! Our constitution guarantees each of us certain rights when the government accuses anyone of violating the law.

Did you know that you have the right to….Plead not guilty…a speedy trial before a jury of your peers…review all the evidence the state plans to use against you…cross examine all witnesses the government will use against you…legal representation to contest the charges.

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It is our firm belief that a person is innocent until proven guilty.